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Breve til og fra miljøministeren

Brev til EU-Kommissionen, 18. August 2016

To The EU Commission

Att. Commissioner Karmenu Vella

                                              18. August 2016

Dear Mr. Karmenu Vella.

Enclosed our just published report with the Danish title “Millioner spildt på forfejlet naturgenopretning i Sjællands største mose”, which we hope you will study carefully.

We, the HOLMEGAARD MOSE KOMITEEN, is a non government organisation, which – in all modesty – is the leading knowledge bank in terms of the Danish EU-birdprotection locality no. 91, Holmegaard Mose-området, one of Denmarks biggest Marsh areas.

Unfortunately our knowledge is notoriously ignored by the Danish environmental authorities. But even worse: Ignored are also the nature and the EUs nature protection regulations.

Seven years ago we informed the EU Commission in the form of a 178 pages long report about Denmarks serious neglect in the Holmegaard Mose-område, despite clear obligation since the EF/EU birdprotection directive and the birdprotection areal was implemented in 1983.

Your predesessor, Jean-Francois Brakeland, returned our report with a wish to have more specific biological information (CHAP(2011)01360). We hereby meet this wish in the form of the enclosed 180 page long report thoroughly describing the alarming situation in the Danish EU-birdprotection area no. 91.

The fact is that all of the nine specificly EU protected bird spieces have serious problems in the area. Two spieces are extint. Three are in an approximately 90 percent decline. Other three spieces are having serious problems. One spieces is experiencing minor problems. For eight of the nine spieces the serious problems are casused by human created nature devalutation.

For a large part of the 267 bird spieces – and many other animals – which have been recorded in the originally very rich nature area, the situation is similar to the nine bird spieces which ought to be specifically protected.

The scandal becomes even more alarming as a series of so called nature restauration projects have been launched  since the start of the new millennium whithout any positive effect.

Looking foreward to yours and EUs response to our documenation and a radical change for the better for birds in Holmegaard Mose-området, which have been lacking the protection they have been granted for more than a quarter of a century.

Jesper Petersen                                             Eulàlia Martí Sans                                                Tura Punti

Journalist and ornitologist                                  Biologist                                                               Biologist

HOLMEGAARD MOSE KOMITEEN, Toruphus, Søtorupvej 5, 4690 Haslev, Denmark.

Email: Mose@paradis.dk